Tom started playin and singin' while milkin the cows on his pappy’s small farm. Tom lernt at an early age if he sang to those cows, and pulled them teets in a rhythmic fashion, them cows and him got along good. As Tom got older and became a better singer/teet jerker, he was in big demand through the county. Before he knew it, there was more work than he could handle. Tom, bein’ a very imterprisin’ fellow, opened The Academy of Singin’ and Jerkin’. Tom needed to provide some music to accompany his students, so he picked up the guitar, banjer & mouth organ. He studied his craft very hard and was a big success. Mike came not from a family of farmers, but from a family of collectors of Antique cars and Contemporary Fine Art. Mike started his musical career at a very young age by beatin’ on the dashboard of a 1952 Chevy, one of many vintage cars displayed on cinder blocks in the front yard of the family estate, with some old chickin’ drumsticks. As his talents flowered, he went from cars to playin’ on the antique washers and dryers to the tin can and old furniture collection. Realizin’ that a career in percussion would not pay the bills, Mike knew he must learn a trade. With a heavy heart, Mike left the homeplace and enrolled in The Academy of Singin’ and Jerkin’.